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Additive (incremental) production is one of the pillars of the concept of industry 4.0. The main advantages of this solution are flexibility, speed and quality. As part of the project we dispose of innovative solutions for 3D printing in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. It provides the possibility of three-dimensional printing with the use of various materials, also is characterized by a constant printing speed and excellent dimensional accuracy and durability of the manufactured elements.

An additional advantage of HP MJF technology is the possibility of reusing unfused material, thanks to which printing costs are much lower than in the case of competing technologies.

Advantages of HP MJF technology

Key features that distinguish it from the competition

  • Constant printing speed translates into industry-leading production predictability
  • High level of detail and dimensional accuracy of manufactured parts (up to 0.05 mm)

  • The possibility of production using a variety of materials

  • Possibility of printing  in the full CMYK color palette using PA 12 CB material.
  • Availability of materials for printing elements with elastic properties (TPU)
  • Intuitive HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager print management software

Additive manufacturing on demand

Our technology center offers custom 3D printing services. Our production is carried out by using 3D printing solutions in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, which beside the excellent quality of prints, offers a wide selection of building materials and optimal production costs.The valuation of orders is carried out in an electronic form with the use of advanced algorithms calculating the parameters of 3D models, which are read from a file uploaded on our portal.

To evaluate an order and place an order on our portal, please follow the instructions here.

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