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AM3D is a platform that guarantees profitable on-demand production
Experience, innovation, speed, and quality – this is what distinguishes us

Experienced team

Made by people

Our team of highly qualified engineers and designers will help you choose the optimal production solution, adapt the design to the production method or prepare it from scratch and carry out tests to confirm the required quality of manufactured elements.

We guarantee support from the design and technology selection stage, through manufacturing processes to post-processing and material testing.

Innovative equipment

Experienced staff needs modern technical solutions

With the latest design software and a fleet of 3D printing devices as well as post-processing and material testing equipment, we offer an integrated automated production system AM, which ensures the production of high-quality functional parts or prototypes, without the high initial costs associated with production preparation, much faster than with the use of traditional techniques.

Quality certificates

Experience and equipment are not enough – you need a quality management system

The quality of our services, confirmed by the independent Dekra agency with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, is a guarantee that we are a credible and reliable partner in relations between entrepreneurs and a consumer-friendly company.


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