Material thickness measurement

Positector 200 advanced with measuring probe and Shore A and D hardness measuring attachments

There are many different methods of measuring the thickness of a material. We select them in terms of the material from which the element is made.

We have the appropriate test equipment to use many methods of measuring the thickness of the coating. We can use the magnetic method, the eddy current method, use ultrasonic meters or conduct a wedge incision test.

Methods of the test process:

  • Application of ultrasonic meters – consists in determining the time required for the passage of the short-term ultrasonic pulse emitted from the rectifier through the thickness of the coating. The coating thickness is calculated as the product of the known wave velocity in a given coating material and the pulse transit time, and the result, depending on the measuring head used, is divided by the number of impulse passes through the tested coating.
  • The wedge incision method – applicable in all coating-substrate systems. Particularly popular for multi-layer coatings, as long as the layers are significantly different from each other. The wedge incision method requires the use of a suitable cutter and an optical microscope with a magnification of approximately 50x with a lighting device. The measurement consists in making an incision in the coating layer to the base material. Using a microscope, measure the projection of half the height of the incision made and, based on mathematical formulas, calculate the thickness of the individual layers.

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