An innovative production
system for industry 4.0

Using the most modern devices in the field of additive technologies

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Our production line

Comprehensive solutions that will meet even the most difficult challenges

Meet the production system adapted to the rapid production of ready-made elements or prototypes. We will design three-dimensional models for you, recreate damaged parts thanks to the 3D scanning technology and 3D printing of the prepared models. Additionally, unique machines on the market will allow for the implementation of post-processing and material testing.

Technology HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D – the best solution for the industry

The production process is at the heart of our business. Thanks to the use of the latest 3D printing technology – HP Multi Jet Fusion, we can produce with unprecedented speed and repeatability using a variety of building materials (PA 11, PA 12, PA 12 CB, PA 12 GB, TPU). 3D printing also offers great flexibility, easily adapting to current production needs.

Finishing and processing of manufactured elements

The post-treatment process of freshly manufactured elements may include the stages of sandblasting, varnishing and dyeing or hardening. As a result, they become finished parts with a quality analogous to the parts produced in injection molding or CNC machining. Our production line includes innovative DyeMansion products, perfectly compatible with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printouts.

Specialized equipment that tests the properties of finished elements

Tests that are unique on a national scale to determine the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of the manufactured elements. We check the durability of parts by simulating their work in their natural working environment, avoiding problems in their end use.

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Transforming physical objects into 3D models

It allows you to quickly obtain a spatial model of an object without making labor-intensive measurements and projects.
Modern Artec 3D scanners can measure details from a few millimeters to even several meters. Measurement accuracy, breakthrough scanning speed, and wireless operation are the hallmarks of Artec scanners.

SolidWorks 3D software

The stage of preparing models for production.

It allows you to optimize them in terms of weight and strength, as well as to adapt the design to additive manufacturing. It also allows you to change the geometry of the designed element to minimize production costs. All this through the use of SolidWorks 3D software.

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