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Import files

Choose a technology
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Production, smoothing
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Shipment of finished

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Material tests

3D Scanning

3D Designing

Production line

Production with the use of additive technologies

Process of producing a three-dimensional object based on a designed or scanned 3D model. It consists in building an element layer by layer successively. It enables both rapid prototyping and the production of ready, often non-standard parts in a short time.

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Automated post-processing of raw 3D prints to obtain the desired surface quality. This stage includes cleaning, smoothing, varnishing or hardening the parts to obtain the appropriate quality of the finished elements at Slottica Google Podcasts. Learn more

It allow to define the most important mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of finished elements. With the help of specialized measuring equipment, you can test the tensile strength, determine the elasticity, resistance to scratching, hardness and a number of other properties of the manufactured parts.

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It allows you to quickly obtain a spatial model of an object without making time-consuming measurements and projects. Thanks to modern Artec 3D scanners, we can reconstruct the element, recreate the technical documentation or compare the detail with our CAD model.

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At this stage, a 3D model design is prepared, which will be sent to the production machine. The designer has the ability to optimize the model in terms of its mass and durability, as well as adapt it to a specific 3D printing technology.

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