Material hardness measurement

using specialized measuring equipment

Our measuring equipment allows you to test the hardness of various surfaces, also on curved structures.

Testing materials for hardness and wear resistance is possible thanks to specialized apparatus equipped with a spring and a stylus with a tip made of from tungsten carbide. A visual mark on the surface after testing indicates a surface hardness defect.

Features of the test process:

  • Possibility to test the thickness of various materials and coatings (plastics and related products, varnishes, etc.). Adaptation to different surfaces can be achieved by changing the pressure on the tip of the gauge (you need to replace the spring or use the slider on the measuring device)
  • The equipment determines the parameters of the coating thickness and wear / scratch resistance not only on flat but also curved surfaces.
  • The test process can be performed anywhere, in some cases even without disassembling the tested element

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