Strength test

using a Shimadzu AGX-V precision machine

The intelligent AGX-V testing machine is the successor to the AG-X plus series, which is successful all over the world.

Shimadzu AGX-V allows you to carry out a number of tests and measurements determining the physical parameters of a given material.

These tests include: compression and tensile strength tests, bending and shear strength tests. By conducting a series of tests, we can make sure that our prototype or finished product will last the right amount of time under certain conditions. The Shimadzu AGX-V test machine meets the ISO, JIS and ASTM standards.

Range of tests:

  • Tensile strength test – involves deformation of a material sample under the influence of an external force acting on the sample axis. The tensile test is the basic source of information about the mechanical properties of the material (this way we can test all non-brittle materials).
  • Static compression test – apart from the tensile test, it is one of the basic tests used to determine the mechanical properties of materials. The aim is to determine the characteristics (stress – deformation) on the basis of which the values ​​of stresses causing material failure, the values ​​of mechanical parameters such as the elastic or plastic limit of the material and the value of the deformation work (strain energy of the sample) are determined.
  • Three-point bending – is one of the basic methods for determining the bending strength and bending modulus, proof stress and bending strain. The bending strength represents the greatest stresses developed in the material at the moment of fracture.
  • Shear resistance – There are a number of technically important cases, such as riveted, welded or glued joints, where shear forces and tangential stresses play a decisive role in the stress state. When calculating such connections, the simultaneous stresses due to bending are usually ignored. This case is called technological (technical) shear, in which we take into account the average value of shear stresses, ignoring the matter of their distribution in the section under consideration.

Other tests

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