Abrasion test

using specialized measuring equipment

Our equipment allows you to test materials up to 6.35 mm thick.

Component wear tests during use are a key issue when choosing the right material. Abrasive wear most often occurs when the difference in hardness between the cooperating parts is large, especially when there are unevenness of a harder material, the structure of which acts as micro-blades.

Features of the test process:

  • Process flow: the sample is mounted on the table rotating around the vertical axis and is rubbed by two wheels covered with a suitable material. The wheels are pressed directly to the surface with weights. The abrasive effect is the result of the contact of the test sample with wheels that are freely mounted on bearings and driven by the movement of the sample. The wheels rotate in opposite directions about a horizontal axis which is perpendicular to the vertical axis of rotation of the sample. This arrangement causes one of the wheels to rub the sample from the center outwards and the other in the opposite direction.
  • The measurement results can be observed on an area of ​​approximately 30 cm2

  • The apparatus enables the measurement of various materials with a thickness of up to 6.35 mm (1/4 inch)

  • Depending on the currently tested material, the test parameters of the apparatus may undergo controlled changes

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