HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 CB Material

For the production of functional elements in a full range of colors

Material for 3D printing in the Multi Jet Fusion technology, unique on the market. It allows you to produce elements in the full CMYK color palette.
The possibility of printing in color makes it ideal for the production of functional prototypes with high dimensional accuracy. Thanks to its versatility, it is also used in medicine, geodesy and art. Has the following certificates:

Appliance of the material

  • Production of fully functional color prototypes, where color reproduction is significant due to the possibility of visualization of design concepts
  • Printing elements for the medical industry – the use of color printing can help doctors prepare for surgery on living tissue of patients
  • Production of designer parts in which the use of color increases the visual value of the product (housings for electronic products, lifestyle products designed for individual orders)
  • Production of architectural mock-ups to reflect planned development projects.
    3D printing allows you to resign from traditional manufacturing forms, and its speed and repeatability
  • Printing of elements that require identification (e.g. QR codes) or assembly markings

Full technical specification of the material

Detailed information on HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 CB

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