3D Designing

Create virtual 3D model designs for additive manufacturing

Designing process

using advanced software

The 3D designing process is one of the most important stages of preparation for additive production. The quality of the three-dimensional models made is directly related to the basic properties of the finished elements.

At the design stage, many important factors should be taken into account, such as wall thickness of the prepared model, its internal structure or the forces acting on a given element in real working conditions.

Luckly, AM3D designers do not have to face these challenges alone, because they have a number of advanced programs at their disposal to assist them in creating models.

Specialized software

Design software with a description of functionality

Parametric CAD modeling software. It allows you to design solid and surface models, welded structures, etc.

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Advanced software designed for additive manufacturing. It allows, among others to edit and repair STL files.

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A tool designed to create light and durable “lattice” structures of the model filling, especially useful during the topological optimization process.

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Graphic software for creating advanced 3D models, photorealistic renderings and animations.

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A powerful tool for reverse engineering . It combines 3D modeling with the processing of data obtained as a result of three-dimensional scanning.

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Professional software dedicated to the design of orthopedic appliances, prostheses, protective helmets, etc.

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A precise software that allows you to create a variety of geometric shapes. Can create and edit unlimited solids in complexity and size.

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3D modeling software in cooperation with haptic manipulators. This provides the designer with complete freedom of movement and the feeling of being physically sculpted in a virtual environment.

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Custom design

for those who do not have design experience

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer 3D modeling services and preparation of projects for printing in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

The specialized software and experience of our team allow us to take up virtually any challenge in the area of ​​3D design and modeling, topological optimization, reverse engineering and related topics related to the professional preparation of three-dimensional models for additive manufacturing.

If you are interested in a custom design service, please contact us via the form available here.

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